Bye Aerospace is an aviation start-up focused on creating innovative electric aircraft solutions. Their response to the high cost of new pilot training: an innovative, all-electric airplane dubbed the eFlyer. The firm also develops and integrates structural and mechanical systems along with aerodynamic advances in design, building products that offer significant cost benefits and improved performance. 

We're proud to be working with Aerion Supersonic during their rollout of the Siemens portfolio. Providing a broad engineering software portfolio and an extensive history of implementation, Applied CAx and Siemens Digital Industries Software will allow Aeron Supersonic to realize the digital thread from design, analysis, test, and certification to streamlining of future manufacturing.

Applied CAx and Predictive Engineering have been working closely with our customer SHB Power Plant Engineering on the modeling of bio-fuel power generation in STAR-CCM+. A local company in Portland, Oregon, SHB specializes in upgrading boilers to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. This has been a unique project that has involved software support for Simcenter STAR-CCM+, engineering consulting services, and technology transfer so that SHB can run the models in-house for further design exploration.

In this case study, the focus was a sea-water dredging system and the purpose was to evaluate the sediment flow path of fine silt injected into the stream. The client was concerned that inline concentration measurements of sediment were far lower than expected values. They were interested in gaining a better understanding of how sediment was distributed through their pipe system. For the CFD consulting team at Predictive Engineering, this analysis was an interesting opportunity to showcase the multi-phase capabilities of STAR-CCM+.