FEMAP Version 12, the Future of FEMAP and Our Upcoming Symposium

March 21, 2018


It’s good to see the ongoing development and the commitment that Siemens PLM has to the FEMAP product. In a blog posting from April 2017, lead developer Mark Sherman reaffirmed growth & development on the FEMAP side of things. In regards to FEMAP’s place in the CAE portfolio, he said, “As you state the Simcenter portfolio continues to grow and encompasses a wide array of functionality. FEMAP, focusing on more FEA mesh-centric workflows, will continue to have a definite place within that portfolio.”


UPDATED Oct. 4, 2018


The FEMAP development team has released FEMAP v12. It is now available for download here (valid WebKey account required).


We’ve been honored to be involved in beta-testing. We’re seeing great speed improvement results and many feature improvements that we’re sharing with you. We recently held a great online seminar on “What’s New in FEMAP v12 – Speed Improvements, New Features, Tips & Tricks” and the online recording is now available.


New online seminar: What’s New in FEMAP v12 – Speed Improvements, New Features, Tips & Tricks



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