Infographic: Design management for industrial machinery

August 16, 2016

Major trends in the Industrial Machinery industry — such as increasing customization, regulatory pressures, and the need for smarter machines — are all driving more complex machinery requirements.

  • Customization: Globalization will result in millions of new customers from regions requiring diverse features and pricing. (Source: Joint Research Council Foresight Study, European Commission)
  • Regulatory pressures: The average number of major regulations passed per year has doubled since 2000. (Source: NERA Economic Consulting)
  • Need for smarter machines: From 1970-2010, the amount of software content in machines increased 45%. (Source: VDMA)

IN THIS INFOGRAPHIC, we introduce you to these major trends, and provide a clear understanding of what you can do about them, and how we can help address these challenges.

With design management, you can use product data management (PDM) to centrally manage mechanical, electrical, and software specifications, and information for the entire development team, and streamline your design management.

Complexity is the new norm in machine design


slide 01 Smarter machines


slide 02 Regulatory pressures



slide 03 Increasing customization


Machines need to be smarter


slide 04 Machines need to be smarter

An efficient design management process enables advanced, smart, machine design and engineering

slide 05 An efficient design management


slide 06 advanced, smart, machine design and engineering


How you can achieve a more optimized product development process

Teamcenter software helps deliver increasingly complex products to market while maximizing productivity and streamlining global operations.



slide 07 Teamcenter software helps deliver increasingly complex products to market



slide 08


slide 09



Whatever your set up, there’s a data management package that can work for you and your company.

A well-designed management setup will make every dollar your team spends far more effective. We’d like to discuss the details with you.

A few of our noteworthy customers:

Aerospace giants Sierra Nevada Corporation and Zodiac Aerospace

Manufacturing stalwarts Consolidated Metro and Exotic Metals Forming Company

Innovators Aerion Corporation and Encore Interiors

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