Meet the Team: Kameron Baker

November 21, 2023


Kameron is an experienced PLM Product Engineer on our PLM Services Team.  Before transitioning into PLM, Kameron had a background in Mechanical Engineering.


Get to know Kameron


Q. What inspired you to join the Applied team? 


A. I was looking for a new job that offered its employees opportunities to work with multiple customers at the same time. This would allow exposure of different projects, requests, and features that encompass Teamcenter and various integrations to it. In my opinion, that kind of work makes a better Solutions Engineer to be sharper and well-rehearsed in PLM knowledge.


Q. What are your areas of expertise?


A. Most of my expertise is working exclusively with the Siemens PLM software “Teamcenter,” along with the many connectors and tools that go along with it: ActiveWorkspace, the data model tool (BMIDE), different CAD Integrations (NX, Creo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD), and some entry-level knowledge about how Teamcenter works with databases and servers.


Q. What do you do for Applied?


A. My title is “Teamcenter Solutions Engineer,” which means I help wherever I can with respect to our Teamcenter customers. Whether that’s supporting our helpdesk portal by addressing and closing support tickets by customers, creating documentation for customer-specific environments or templates to present to new clients, as well as partaking in service projects for customer-specific needs.


Q. Tell us about yourself – what’s your background and education?


A. I graduated from a small engineering school in the Midwest with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. After that, I started working in Chicago for a leading steel manufacturer. After working in this industry for a year, I made a career switch to IT, specifically Teamcenter PLM software. My first job in Teamcenter was for a small company in Southern California four years ago. This is where I learned the basics of how Siemens PLM software worked, and I learned from the very best Siemens trained instructors at their Interceptor Program in Ohio for two months. In 2021 I changed jobs to work at a much larger IT firm for large enterprise customers, but still supporting Teamcenter software. This is where I could see just how far Teamcenter’s customizations could truly take the PLM software to the realm of possibilities.


Q. How did you get started in your field? What excited you about it?


This is very similar to the beginning of my background story. When I made my career change to PLM software, I was given the opportunity by my new company to learn from scratch how to install and customize simple objects and learn the background of PLM Teamcenter. The exciting part of Teamcenter is that there is always something new to learn, and it would take a lifetime to understand all of it. This means that once I’ve mastered one aspect of Teamcenter, there will be something different and new to strive for afterward.


Q. Where are you located?


A. I’m located in the Lone Star State, Texas. Our state motto is “Friendship,” and that’s how the people around here act: friendly. I’m about 30 miles Northeast of downtown Dallas, the perfect blend of proximity to everything for my wife and enough countryside and fresh air for me.


Q. Where would we find you when you’re not at work?


A. I’m an amateur cook, and I’m always trying to learn local and state cuisine to mix with my gluten allergy so that other people like me can enjoy food without the fear of having a reaction. I enjoy outdoor activities, whether kayaking, day hiking, or camping. I also work out consistently at a local CrossFit gym, which I enjoy as it teaches me functional and practical exercises.


Q. Tell us three fun facts about yourself.


  • Despite hating other kids as a toddler, I enjoy volunteering at my local church with their 4-year children’s ministry once a week.
  • I’m pretty sure my personality type is “ESFJ-A,” which means I’m altruistic, loyal to people, and always eager to help.
  • I enjoy cooler locations for vacations more than somewhere hot and tropical. It could be because we get such hot and long summers where I live, but I’ve learned to enjoy the lack of crowds, cheaper travel, and chili climate in places like UP Michigan, Iceland, and Colorado.



meet kameron baker lifestyleKameron enjoys a rest break during a hike to a crater in a dormant volcano in Iceland.

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