New NX Classes Available

October 21, 2016

To keep up with customer needs, we’ve recently developed several new NX classes. We’re excited to offer these classes for either onsite or offsite sessions.

For more info please email us at [email protected]

NX CAD Training: Free Form Modeling

2 days, $1100 per attendee

This custom course introduces basic and intermediate level applications of modeling, surfacing, and introduces Synchronous Modeling techniques with the emphasis on being able to create plastic molded components. This course is based on features and tasks designers and engineers face in their day to day work. Instructor led portions are interspersed with project style application learning along with Q&A. After attending this class you should be able to roll up your sleeves and start designing in NX with confidence.

Prerequisite: prior understanding and experience with the fundamentals of solid modeling in NX10 and familiarity with lofting/surfacing/styling tools in another 3D parametric CAD package  (Pro/E, I-deas, Catia, Solidworks, etc

NX Lathe

3 days: $1,600 per attendee

This lathe programming course takes a part assembly from start to finish. After completing Turning Foundation from Applied CAx, students will be able to take a solid model prepped for a 2-axis lathe, and confidently and efficiently program it from start to finish.

Student Prerequisites: CAM fundamentals recommended, but not required. This training course is designed for those new to Siemens NX CAM.

NX Mill-Turn Machines

4-day class, $2,100 per attendee
Course summary this fall.

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