Reintroducing Michael Grant, Design and Manufacturing Services Manager

November 15, 2022

Applied is pleased to welcome Michael Grant back to the team. Michael rejoins us as our Design and Manufacturing Services Manager. Michael previously served as our Manufacturing Director on the services side and NX Applications Engineer. An expert in both Siemens NX for Design and NX for Manufacturing (NX CAD/CAM), his primary focus is on increasing product development efficiencies for our Siemens NX customers, with many seeing improvements of 50-80%.

With 24+ years of experience in design and manufacturing, including setting up manufacturing facilities from scratch for many companies, Michael specializes in understanding the entire product lifecycle. With experience gained and lessons learned in these real-world applications, Michael leads the Siemens NX CAD and CAM training lending his expertise to our customers.

Working in collaboration with our customers, Michael develops custom onsite training which includes projects that represent their exact processes. In addition, he also presents workshops, online seminars, video tutorials, and productivity-enhancing automation for NX.

Here are a few highlights of Michael’s experience & expertise:michael grant x400

Director of Manufacturing

  • Setup 5 manufacturing facilities from scratch
  • Purchasing of equipment, specifications
  • Tooling, endmills, drills, holders
  • Personnel
  • Software

CAD Expertise

  • Full spectrum of the design process, from product design to the tooling to make the product
  • Product design
  • Mold/tooling design
  • Automation/macro development

CAM Expertise

  • Mold manufacturing
  • Automation/macro development
  • Post and simulation development
  • Process engineering. beneficial to product quality and cycle performance

A native of Vancouver, WA, in his free time, Michael enjoys trail running, hiking, and rafting.

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