Siemens Digital Industries FEMAP and Simcenter Nastran

E401 & E402

Predict the behavior of parts or assemblies with nonlinear contact, nonlinear material, or large deformations

The Nastran Multi-step Nonlinear software solution enables you to analyze models with nonlinearity from contacting parts, material property nonlinearities, and/or geometric nonlinearities (that is, large deformations and large strains). This solution is an add-on module of Simcenter Nastran – Basic in either enterprise or desktop versions. The Multistep Nonlinear license provides access to both the SOL 401 Multistep Nonlinear solver and the SOL 402 Multistep Nonlinear Kinematic solver. Both use nonlinear implicit methods based on similar formulations. SOL 401 is implemented in the standard Simcenter Nastran architecture and leverages the same code base as other Simcenter Nastran solutions. SOL 402 is an integration of the well-known and highly regarded Simcenter Samtech Samcef™ solver into Simcenter Nastran. Either solver can be used to solve a large class of nonlinear solutions and give very similar results. Other classes of nonlinear solutions may be better solved using one or the other. Users can refer to the Simcenter Nastran documentation to see which solver may best support their applications or consult with the Siemens support organization.


  • Reduce design risk by using simulation to save time and cost compared to physical build-and-break test cycles
  • Accelerate your innovation through rapid iteration and numerous “what-if” studies
  • Use the same models already built and analyzed linearly with Simcenter Nastran – Basic
  • Improve confidence in final designs by virtually investigating your product’s performance under all possible operating conditions
  • Obtain more accurate solution results than linear analysis when standard linear assumptions are not valid