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Improve your part manufacturing productivity with NX CAM

NX CAM for Manufacturing provides you with a complete solution for part manufacturing, from CAM to CNC controller. Utilizing NX CAM, you can drive smarter product decisions:

  • Reduce NC programming and machining time
  • Precisely control your 5-Axis milling
  • Produce better quality parts
  • Maximize use of manufacturing resources

A Complete Computer-Aided Manufacturing Solution

NX provides a complete manufacturing solution for machine tool programming, post-processing, and machining simulation. Providing a single, integrated CAD/CAM environment saves time, and reduces the need for additional CAD software.

NX CAM's advanced functions in each of its modules can maximize returns on your investments. Discover a wide range of functionality, from simple NC programming to high-speed and multi-axis machining, enabling you to address many tasks with one system.

With the integrated Machine tool simulation feature, shops are able to validate processes using a digital twin of their machine setup, reducing the need for additional simulation software, as well as the time formerly spent programming simulations.


End your struggles with 5-Axis Programming

If the CAM system you're using can’t handle multi-axis, it’s holding your company back. At Applied CAx we run our own DMG-Mori DMU-50 5-axis and we use NX to drive it every day. With 5-axis milling, you can create precisely controlled tool paths on complex surfaces with effective collision and gouge checking. 

While NX excels in complex, advanced machining, it is easily capable of running the more rudimentary 2.5 and 3-axis machines, lathes, and mill turns in your shop.

Reduce programming times as much as 90%

By utilizing feature-based machining (FMB) and programming automation, programmers are able to automate routine tasks. Our clients have reduced programming times, increased efficiency and dramatically increased the production of parts after migrating to NX.

Utilizing the reuse library that integrates with Teamcenter, means no longer having to start from scratch with every project.

Success Stories

Click here to hear how Seattle job shop Machinists Inc. successfully migrated to Siemens NX with the help of Applied CAx and is now able to produce better quality parts, faster.