Optimize manufacturing with Siemens Plant Simulation

Create digital representations of manufacturing environments to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Thrive within competitive industries with Plant Simulation's insights and tools

Plant Simulation enables you to model, simulate and analyze production systems. This results in the identification of inefficiencies, improved productivity and reduced costs—and enhances operational performance.

Master manufacturing optimization with
plant simulation

  • 01 Improve digital modeling

    Create virtual replicas of your manufacturing processes—from layout to operations—with Siemens Plant Simulation’s advanced digital modeling tools.

  • 02 Experience dynamic simulation

    Experience real-time simulations that mirror your production environment, allowing for accurate analysis and optimization of workflows and resources.

  • 03 Conduct scenario testing

    Test various scenarios and configurations to foresee outcomes, optimize processes and make informed decisions for your manufacturing operations.

  • 04 Improve with optimization tools

    Utilize powerful optimization tools to fine-tune schedules, layouts and resource allocations, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • 05 Access an intuitive interface

    Navigate seamlessly through the simulation process with an intuitive interface, making modeling and analysis accessible to all levels of users.

  • 06 Collaborate with integration capabilities

    Integrate Siemens Plant Simulation with existing manufacturing systems for seamless data exchange and enhanced collaboration across departments.

Optimize the performance of production and their processes

decreased overtime cost
reduced net processing time
reduced work in process (Siemens)

Boost your manufacturing processes

  • Models 3D simulation environment

    Create 3D models of a plant or production facility. Models include all relevant machines, conveyors and logistical elements, allowing for a comprehensive visualization of the entire production process.
  • Open platform for integration

    Integrate with ActiveX, C, CAD, COM, JSON, MQTT, ODBC, OPCClassic, OPCUA, Oracle SQL, Socket and XML. Integrate seamlessly with Siemens software applications like NX Line Designer, Teamcenter, Simcenter HEEDS, Opcenter APS, TIA Portal, PLCSIM Advanced and SIMIT.
  • Assess production system performance

    Leverage built-in automatic bottleneck detection, throughput analysis, machine, resource and buffer utilization, energy consumption, cost analysis, Sankey diagrams and Gantt charts.
  • Tap into genetic algorithms

    Enable comprehensive experiment handling and automated system optimization via genetic algorithms.
  • Conduct complex and detailed simulations

    Leverage key object-oriented programming principles such as encapsulation, inheritance and hierarchy. These architectural features are integral to its design and enhance its modularity, usability and flexibility.
  • Automatically apply changes to all instances

    Changes are automatically applied to all instances of those items wherever they are used. Those library items can also be easily configured to specific requirements within a particular simulation.

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