Product lifecycle management (PLM) can bring together all your product information and processes in one centralized system. But how can you prevent complexity from overwhelming your users – or your IT department?

Applied CAx is pleased to offer Teamcenter from Siemens PLM Software, the world’s most widely implemented product data management solution. Teamcenter takes the guesswork out of the deployment process.

As well Applied CAx is renowned for our Teamcenter expertise with our ongoing support and Teamcenter services, such as installations, upgrades, administration, and much more. We deliver a flexible portfolio that allows you to strategically grow your PLM maturity in a way that makes sense for you.

Teamcenter case study

In this case study we examine our hands-on work implementing Teamcenter for innovative aerospace company, Exotic Metals Forming Company.


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Arden Teamcenter


Arden provides strategic consulting, aligning Teamcenter with business practices to control access, align workflows and define their data schema. Arden has broad-based experience in computer aided engineering, proven team leadership skills, and an understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction. He provides administration, user support, and installation of Teamcenter, Teamcenter Visualization and CAD integrations.

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Randy Ellsworth 1000px


Randy provides strategic consulting, aligning Teamcenter with business needs to generate an architecture, landscape and road map. As well, Randy provides comprehensive installation and configuration of Teamcenter, Teamcenter CAD integrations (mainly NX but also for SolidWorks and Creo), and conducts site assessments and performance evaluations.

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Matt 300px


Matt Martin is Junior Teamcenter Architect and Mechanical Design Engineer for Applied CAx and Sherpa Design, handling our NX CAD support and aspects of our Teamcenter services. Matt has been with the team since 2006 and is our go-to expert for NX support, service, and training. Customer looking for CAD support? You'll probably get help from Matt.

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Taylor Saul


Taylor Saul is your first point of contact for licensing issues with CAD-CAM-PLM. Projects he has overseen include working with a Tier-1 international automotive supplier to develop & implement a full-scale PLM program.

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Teamcenter architect


Don Knab is an experienced PLM professional with extensive experience in strategic planning, capital projects and mission critical applications within the manufacturing industry.

PLM Consultant/Solution Architect


Yogesh Fegade has 22+ years of experience architecting and implementing PLM solutions, architecting integrations with PLM software, managing software lifecycle process, managing software configuration and quality.

NX CAM resources


Resources we've created such as video tutorials, tips & tricks, and more.

Teamcenter Resources
NX CAM Support


Our clients know we provide some of the best Teamcenter support around. Want to become a client? Please contact us.

Teamcenter Support

Teamcenter powers innovation and productivity by connecting people and processes with a single source of product and process knowledge. Teamcenter's comprehensive portfolio of proven digital lifecycle management solutions is built on an open PLM foundation to power end-to-end PLM.

Systems Engineering and Requirements Management
Teamcenter allows companies to create and communicate the correct set of requirements to downstream decision-makers. By empowering all individuals and functional teams with visibility to each requirement and the knowledge behind it throughout the lifecycle, Teamcenter ensures the delivery of purpose-driven products – that is, products that achieve their strategic intent.

Portfolio, Program and Project Management
Teamcenter allows companies to connect their strategic portfolio plans to program and project management and to detailed operational execution. Teamcenter maximizes investment returns by continuously governing the selection of the right mix of investments, then managing resources and driving activities.

Engineering Process Management
Teamcenter provides a single, organized, and secure source of product engineering and process knowledge. By allowing different development groups to work together, as a single entity - irrespective of location - development time, quality and productivity are significantly improved.

Bill of Materials Management
Teamcenter allows companies to effectively manage essential product definition beyond design and engineering, right across the product lifecycle. By providing tailored visibility to clear, current and accurate product BOM definition, specific to the needs of teams and users, companies are more able to meet quality, time to market and cost requirements.

Compliance Management
Teamcenter provides a complete environment to document, enforce and track regulatory compliance for the entire product lifecycle. With clear, documented regulatory requirements, managed and consistent processes and an ability to track accountability, regulatory compliance can be embedded into development processes with minimal impact.

Supplier Relationship Management
Teamcenter offers a portfolio of configurable solutions that allow companies to more effectively engage with their supply chain through a collaborative environment that supports better cost management and more effective product development and manufacture.

Mechatronics Process Management
Teamcenter provides a rich environment for the associative development of mechanical, electrical, electronic and embedded software technologies in a single source of product and process knowledge that spans all four domains. With a common data model across engineering domains and a common framework to work to, individual development teams can retain their mechanical, electrical, electronic or software focus, while working in-context and together to meet overall development goals.

Manufacturing Process Management
Teamcenter offers a single, scalable and secure source of manufacturing data; product, process, resource and plant, fully managed and associated to support lifecycle processes from engineering through production. With a single source of knowledge, manufacturing's influence on product innovation drastically improves profitability, time to market and quality.

Simulation Process Management
Teamcenter provides a single organized and secure source of simulation data and processes that can be embedded into the product lifecycle to better assess product performance and quality while improving development efficiency. By ensuring simulation teams can more effectively coordinate their activities, simulation processes can be integrated and certified with the rest of the product development process.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
Teamcenter offers configuration-driven service data management and MRO capabilities. Configuration-driven MRO bridges the gap between the logistics, maintenance and engineering communities, to help drive more profitable growth. leaner operations, and improved asset performance.

Lifecycle Visualization
Teamcenter provides a view of your products throughout their lifecycle with a complete, scalable family of solutions for allowing lifecycle participants to visualize product data in 2D and 3D formats even when this data is created using diverse authoring software.

Reporting and Analytics
Teamcenter's capabilities for reporting and analytics provide a basis on which to establish, measure and analyze key performance metrics to drive processes across the product lifecycle. By swiftly and accurately extracting, aggregating, analyzing and disseminating information from multiple sources, more highly effective decisions making can occur.

Community Collaboration
Teamcenter's world leading capabilities for community collaboration offer a platform for sharing information and working together across the product lifecycle. By breaking down the time, distance and cultural barriers to communication, teams are able to work together more effectively and drive product development success.

Enterprise Knowledge Management
Teamcenter brings together a company's product, process, manufacturing and service knowledge, as well as participants, into a single PLM environment. By bringing relevant product information together into automated processes, efforts are better synchronized, productivity is increased and greater innovation can be achieved.