Simulate design with Simcenter FLOEFD

Simcenter FLOEFD is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool that integrates with 3D CAD systems to support engineers—of all knowledge levels—throughout the design process.

Democratize the use of CFD analysis in the design process

By integrating directly with CAD tools, Simcenter FLOEFD enables engineers to perform complex simulations—without the need for specialized CFD knowledge.

Simplify the CFD analysis process with
Simcenter FLOEFD

  • 01 Integrate with CAD

    Simcenter FLOEFD embeds into leading CAD platforms. Perform simulations directly on CAD models, leveraging the native design environment and without the need for data translation or separate CFD software.

  • 02 Setup models

    Utilize smart meshing that automatically generates a mesh around CAD geometry. Define physical conditions such as material properties, heat sources, fluid properties and environmental conditions directly within the software interface.

  • 03 Simulate phenomena

    The FLOEFD solver computes the fluid flow, heat transfer and associated phenomena based on the defined conditions. Run parametric studies directly from the CAD model.

  • 04 Visualize and analyze

    Simcenter FLOEFD provides detailed visualization tools that allow users to view results in various formats such as contour plots, vector plots and iso-surfaces. Generate comprehensive reports that document the simulation inputs, results and conclusions.

  • 05 Optimize and iterate

    With the data obtained from simulations, engineers can iterate designs quickly. The close integration with CAD means that changes to the model geometry can be made easily, and simulations can be rerun immediately to see the effects of changes—facilitating rapid design optimization.

Shorten time to market with Simcenter FLOEFD

65 - 75%
shorter product development
2x - 40x
increase in productivity
delays in geometry translation

Perform unparalleled CFD analysis

  • CAD systems integrations

    Simcenter FLOEFD integrates with Siemens NX, Solid Edge, PTC Creo and CATIA V5.
  • Parallel processing

    FLOEFD supports the use of multiple cores for simulation, enhancing processing speeds and allowing more efficient handling of complex simulations.
  • Graphics processing

    A robust GPU enhances visualization and post-processing to improve the interactive analysis of simulation results.
  • Cluster support

    For extensive simulations, FLOEFD can utilize distributed computing resources to perform calculations over networks or clusters, significantly speeding up large-scale simulation tasks.
  • LED thermal simulation

    Easily simulate and analyze the thermal behavior of LED (light-emitting eiode) components and systems. Determine and measure heat management, product reliability and lifetime.
  • Handle large models

    Simcenter FLOEFD is optimized for performance and can handle large models and complex simulations—quickly and accurately, even on standard hardware.

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