The integrated multiphysics solution for CFD engineers

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is multiphysics CFD software for CFD engineers. It allows intricate behavior simulation and exploration of products functioning in actual conditions.

Star-CCM+ propels companies to increase innovation in their products

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ empowers engineers to streamline product development by simulating and optimizing designs for real-world conditions across fluid dynamics, heat transfer and structural mechanics—within a single platform. This reduces the reliance on physical prototypes, accelerates innovation and lowers costs.

Simulate early and often with multiphysics CFD

  • 01 Create geometry and apply mesh

    Create a new geometry within Simcenter STAR-CCM+ or import an existing model from CAD software. The geometry represents the physical space and boundaries of the problem. Apply high-quality, refined computational mesh to the geometry.

  • 02 Improve modeling capabilities

    Specify the physical models that correspond to the phenomena being studied, such as laminar or turbulent flow, heat conduction or elasticity. Define the boundary conditions, such as velocities, pressures, temperatures and forces at the geometry’s boundaries.

  • 03 Create a numerical solution

    Choose an appropriate solver and settings for the problem. Simcenter STAR-CCM+ then numerically solves the governing equations for the physical phenomena over the meshed geometry. Then, iteratively converge towards a solution that satisfies the boundary conditions and equations.

  • 04 Analyze results with ease

    Once the simulation is complete, analyze the results using the software’s post-processing tools. This can include visualizing flow patterns, temperature distributions, stress fields and other relevant physical quantities. Use these insights to assess performance, identify issues and make informed decisions about design modifications.

  • 05 Optimize designs

    Simcenter STAR-CCM+ also supports design optimization, where the software can automatically adjust design parameters to meet specified objectives, such as minimizing drag or maximizing heat dissipation, based on the simulation results.

Engineer innovation with Star-CCM+

3 major
releases per year
Reduce cost
on physical prototyping
A leader in
CFD and multiphysics simulations tools globally

Optimize your engineering process

  • Integrated CAD-to-solution

    Streamline workflows and allow engineers and designers to move directly from computer-aided design (CAD) models to simulation solutions within a single software environment.
  • Multiphysics CFD

    Cover single and multiphase flows, particle dynamics, reactive flows, fluid-structure interaction, aeroacoustics, rheology and electrodynamics with extensive modeling capabilities.
  • Advanced meshing

    Automate meshing for complex shapes with polyhedral meshing for precise and efficient simulations. Multiphysics CFD features adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) to detail areas and optimize analysis.
  • High-performance computing

    Scale robust solvers for handling large and complex simulations efficiently, with support for parallel processing on clusters and cloud infrastructure.
  • Design exploration

    Automate the evaluation and optimization of designs and integrate with simulation tools for real-world testing of variants. Enable informed decision-making through comprehensive data analysis.
  • Customize simulations

    Extensive APIs and scripting capabilities will easily automate workflows, customize simulations and integrate with other software tools.

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