Enhance efficiency and productivity with Technomatix

Tecnomatix supports a comprehensive approach to digital manufacturing that informs decisions that lead to improved operational performance and competitive advantage.

Make informed decisions that enhance your operations with Technomatix

Tecnomatix's digital manufacturing solution is an extensive suite that supports end-to-end processes. It facilitates a unified strategy, allowing multiple users across various sites to work together—as one enterprise—throughout process development.

Adapt to demands and maintain your edge with Technomatix

  • 01 Optimize planning and design

    Define and design the entire manufacturing process, including plant layout and selecting appropriate machinery. Integrate directly to Teamcenter to manage data throughout the lifecycle.

  • 02 Easily simulate and validate

    Identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and potential errors with simulations before physical implementation. These simulations can include human interactions to add a layer of validation and reduce the risk of injury—while improving productivity.

  • 03 Optimize your resources

    Optimize the use of materials, machines and labor to maximize efficiency. Analyze data from simulations automatically to find areas where throughput can be increased.

  • 04 Monitor process and execution

    Monitor the manufacturing process in real-time to ensure it’s running smoothly and within the planned parameters. Tap into the provided feedback loop to make adjustments in real-time.

  • 05 Collaborate and integrate

    Collaborate among various teams by allowing users to work on a unified platform. Share data and insights seamlessly.

Transform innovative ideas into reality

innovation with physics-based modeling
Reduce risk
through early proof-of-concept validation
your competitive edge

A robust suite of tools at your fingertips

  • Access visualization tools

    Design and optimize plant layouts and production lines in 2D or 3D.
  • Integrate with PLM systems

    Benefit from seamless process planning and execution by integrating directly with PLM systems.
  • Integrate Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

    Link planning and simulation tools with MES software to enable real-time monitoring and adjustment of production activities.
  • Customize with APIs

    Technomatix’s adaptable interfaces and APIs allow for customization and expansion of the software to meet specific business requirements.
  • Simulate human interactions

    Design safer and more ergonomic workplaces that comply with safety regulations and increase worker satisfaction—while reducing injury risk.
  • Protect the production process

    Maintain high standards and compliance throughout the production process with quality management tools. Reduce the likelihood of expensive recalls or compliance failures.

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