Thanks to everyone who participated in our Portland NX Demonstration Day on Thursday, April 12, 2018.

Graciously hosted by Daimler Trucks North America, attendees caught a great series of NX demos, tutorials, and how-tos. Demonstrations included new CAD features in NX 12, timesaving CAM techniques, new analysis options with Simcenter 3D, and real-world uses of Siemens NX.

Portland NX Demonstration Day, April 2018


A mixture of slides and video

Time Topic Presenter Focus
4:00 – 4:10 Welcome!
Industry & usage trends we're seeing
Pat Barrett  
4:10 – 4:45 What’s new in NX 12 Part 1: CAD User Interface
Covered topics include U/I Changes for multiple, tabbed windows; Deselecting objects; Undo Enhancements; Drag & Drop between multiple design windows; Protecting Part Files with Passwords; 3D Selection Box; Export Image; Part_Utility.exe replacing Refile_Part.exe (Administrators); Multiple Windows in Sketching Environment; Automatic creation of alignment constraints in Sketcher
Matt Martin CAD
4:45 – 5:05 What is NX Open?
We'll show you the value, and what you can do with it. We'll also show examples of automation, and how to get started inside NX (such as journaling/capturing processes).
Elizabeth Davis CAD
5:05 – 5:40 What’s new in NX 12 Part 2: CAD Modeling
Covered topics include Variable Offset Face; Combine; Flattening and Forming - Controlling Distortion and Ripping Edges; Lattice enhancements; Delete Child Feature enhancements; Analyze Pocket/Blend Pocket; Sheet Metal – Tab & Flange Enhancements; Renew Feature; Introduction to NX Layout or Introduction to NX Animation Designer
Matt Martin CAD
5:40 – 6:10 NX assembly and WAVE link, method and discussion
WAVE links have been around for many years in NX. That’s given it enough time to build up a hefty inventory of assemblies that are impossible to open — yet alone modify — without failing features. In this demo Ray Morris from ESCO will go over some NX tools that may help, including Product Interface, Product Interface WAVE link, Interpart Link Browser, Relations Browser and Assembly Navigator. As well he’ll look at some methods that may help such as assembly structure standards, purposeful WAVE link direction and appropriate WAVE link settings.
Ray Morris from ESCO CAD
6:10 - 6:25 All sessions breaktime    
6:25 – 7:10 CAM BREAKOUT SESSION: CAM/CMM tips & tricks
In this CAM breakout session, see a demonstration from one of Siemens' top CAM developers on Feature Based Machining, Holemaking and Adaptive milling in NX CAM. As time allows we also might cover CMM programming & reporting improvements for inspections.
Bryan Dreibelbis from Siemens PLM CAM
6:25 – 7:10 Overview of Simcenter 3D
Simcenter 3D delivers a unified, scalable, open and extensible environment for 3D CAE with connections to design, 1D simulation, test, and data management. Its purpose is to provide simulation driven design, making simulation no longer just a performance validation tool, but an organic part of the development process.
May Taylor from Siemens PLM CAE
7:10 – 7:45 Generative Design: Essentials of Convergent Modeling & Topology Optimization
Covered topics include Convergent Modeling Technology: Polygon Modeling Task Environment; Cleanup Facet Body; Merge Facet Faces; Divide Facet Face; Offset Body; Create Transition; Local Offset; Adjust Minimum Radius.
Topology Optimization: Manage Bodies; Assign Materials; Manage Global Loads; Observe Results.
Matt Martin CAD
7:45 – 8:00 Additive Manufacturing
Portland-based manufacturer 3D Logics will discuss their work with 3D printing, SLS plastics, and DMLS metals
Sterling Logan from 3D Logics CAM