NX CAM 1899 Release Overview and 5-Axis Roughing Deep DiveDuring this webinar, we'll be reviewing new manufacturing enhancements included in the latest major installment of NX continuous release, version 1899. We’ll focus on the highlights across the entire manufacturing application, along with an in-depth examination of how the new 5-axis roughing operation subtype can be used to optimize existing programs.

NX 1899 is the latest major release, which carries with it not just enhancements and bug fixes, but entirely new features previously unavailable to NX. This webinar will begin by covering a curated selection of the general enhancements to the manufacturing application that aim to improve the overall NX experience. We'll focus on tips and tricks for navigating the new explorer dialog layout, with an emphasis on showing where all your favorite settings are now, and how to customize the layout to your preferred workflow.

Following the release enhancement overview, we'll show a detailed example of the new 5-axis roughing operation subtype. There will be a step-by-step demonstration of the setup, applications, and usage of this new feature on geometry typically encountered in advanced manufacturing situations. Our extensive experience draws from a variety of industries that help us identify the newest and best strategies. Our emphasis focuses on solving technical challenges with the latest methods and approaches available, and our goal is to share them with you.

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