Tips to help you select an FEA solution

In selecting a finite element analysis (FEA) software solution, it is crucial that you consider the pre- and postprocessor, which can be critical for analysis speed and accuracy. FEA analysts rely on the pre- and postprocessor to work with an assortment of data files, provide a variety of ways to idealize the model, support one or more solvers and produce the data and reports that are needed to meet both internal and external requirements. Engineering managers rely on the pre- and postprocessor solution to reduce the risks associated with accuracy while meeting time-critical product development deadlines.

CAD-neutral and solver-neutral, FEMAP has become the world’s most popular engineering analysis environment for Nastran users. It is widely used by the world’s leading engineering organizations and consultants to model complex products, systems and processes, including satellites, aircraft, defense, automotive vehicles, electronics, heavy construction equipment, lift cranes, marine vessels and process equipment. Siemens PLM Software’s FEMAP system facilitates an advanced engineering analysis environment.

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    Applied CAx is co-owned by working FEA consultants. George Laird, PhD, and Adrian Jensen, PE, operate Predictive Engineering, bringing more than 20 years of finite element analysis experience in solving difficult analysis challenges.

    Our library of Simcenter Femap Technical Seminars provides an expanding base of resources for users to learn, engage, and reference. Our customers receive full access to all of our resources. Crafted by working FEA engineers for those working in the trenches encountering and solving problems every day. New seminars are posted quarterly.

    Our support commitment to our customers is unparalleled. We consistently receive high marks for our fast, efficient, and deep Femap support provided via phone, email, and web.

    Along with our online seminars, we offer week-long training courses that receive stellar ratings. These courses are usually twice a year, and customized onsite training is always an option, feel free to inquire.

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Try Simcenter Femap with Simcenter Nastran and explore the state-of-the-art modeling functionality of Femap with the powerful analysis capabilities of the industry-leading NX Nastran solver. See how these comprehensive simulation and analysis applications can help you save money and reduce time to market through optimized designs, reduced prototyping, and physical testing. In this download, you will get access to the full version of Simcenter Femap with NX Nastran as well as Dynamic Response and Design Optimization. There are no restrictions on the number of saves, model sizes, or other factors that would limit your ability to simulate and analyze complete product designs.

Introductory Monthly Pricing for Simcenter Femap Licenses

Simcenter Femap is available by subscription on a monthly basis. Select the product configuration that best suits your business needs, ranging from Simcenter Femap standalone to the bundled Femap with Simcenter Nastran and advanced Dynamic Response analysis. Choose the package that best fulfills your functionality requirements.

Keep in mind that your subscription payments cannot be applied to future purchases.