Introductory Monthly Pricing for Simcenter Femap Licenses

Simcenter Femap is available by subscription on a monthly basis. Select the product configuration that best suits your business needs, ranging from Simcenter Femap standalone to the bundled Femap with Simcenter Nastran and advanced Dynamic Response analysis. Choose the package that best fulfills your functionality requirements.

Keep in mind that your subscription payments cannot be applied to future purchases.

For interest in other product configurations that are not currently available online, please contact us at Applied CAx. We are one of the premier providers of software & support for FEMAP in the U.S.


Get started on FEMAP with NX Nastran.


Get started with a subscription on Simcenter Femap with NX Nastran.


For some companies, a monthly subscription doesn't pencil out. There are license options available that can apply to future purchases, whereas monthly subscription payments cannot be applied to future purchases. If you have an ongoing need for Simcenter Femap licenses, and need the high-quality support that Applied CAx provides, contact us for Femap.

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Key features Simcenter Femap Femap with NX Nastran Femap with NX Nastran and Dynamic Response Femap with NX Nastran plus Advanced Bundle Femap with NX Nastran and Advanced Bundle plus Desktop Extension
FEMAP pre- and postprocessing
Linear statics  
Normal modes  
Heat transfer  
Basic nonlinear  
Transient response    
Frequency response    
Complex eigenvalues    
Response spectrum    
Random vibration    
Distributed Memory Parallel      
Non-interlocked solver access