NX is the next generation design platform that removes barriers to innovation, helping you define shapes the way nature does. Seamlessly combining multiple disciplines, NX enables more iterations by both experts and non-experts, and utilizes the latest manufacturing methods to ensure you recognize the value digitalization and deliver the best designs to market faster.

NX assembly design supports top-down and bottom-up assembly modeling. It provides for rapid navigation of the assembly hierarchy and allows direct access to the design model of any component or subassembly. It supports the “design in context” approach where changes can be made to any component of the design model while working in the context of the assembly.

You need a single platform that contains all the tools to break down the barriers between disciplines. NX allows all of your engineers and designers to collaborate and share information across the traditional barriers that exist in a single discipline solution:

  • Ability to use information from multiple disciplines and scale as needed
  • Ability to connect the representations of an object from different disciplines
  • Ability to navigate and understand relationships between representations
  • Ability to create libraries that contain representations of the same object for different disciplines