Enterprise resource planning—fully integrated

Get a complete and accurate view of your product development process and integrate it directly to Teamcenter PLM.

We specialize in building secure frameworks for managing data

Our team works with you to seamlessly integrate your enterprise resource planning system with your Teamcenter PLM system. This is the optimal way to create a digital thread in a closed-loop smart manufacturing process. You’ll have more accurate data and make your decision-making process more agile.

Create a
closed-loop process—and competitive edge

  • 01 Remove errors and improve your overall efficiency

    Reduce errors and improve efficiency by removing duplicate manual entry of data. Reduce costs associated with manual processes, improve collaboration across teams and gain a competitive edge.

  • 02 Connect digital threads

    ERP (enterprise resource planning) and PLM (product lifecycle management) systems can be integrated to create a digital thread in a closed-loop smart manufacturing process.

  • 03 Enable real-time communication

    Gain real-time access to comprehensive product information, including cost. Ensure an efficient product development process. In addition to integrations with popular enterprise ERP systems, Applied CAx has the expertise to build required custom integrations.

  • 04 Unify your efforts within a single system

    The PLM and ERP integration allows for more efficient and accurate communication and decision-making throughout the product life cycle, as all relevant information is available in a single, integrated system.

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