plm consulting 1199 1600xPLM Consulting: aligning PLM architecture to your organization

At Applied, we recognize PLM is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. After all, no two companies engineer or manufacture products the same way. How they manage their data and processes will be different as well. Some folks will try to sell you a cookie-cutter solution; while that may work in some cases, it can also hinder growth and scalability.

Our goal is to work with you to determine, implement, and support the best road map for your company's success.

PLM Teamcenter Architecture matched to your organization

When we partner with a company, we create and implement a configured PLM environment that aligns with the organization’s workflows and business processes so that they can hit the ground running with a system that works and is configured for them in the way they want it to function.

Best Practices by Industry

While we work with companies across a number of industries, our primary focus at Applied is on the Aerospace and Defense, Marine, and Energy Industries.

Over the years, our team has learned considerably from other people’s mistakes. When we come to the table, we bring our experience, best practices, and expertise with us. We find it common for clients with a new project to want to head in a certain direction; based on what we've learned, this may not be optimal. Our team is not going to say “Yeah, we’ll do that for you” and then leave you in a lurch when it doesn’t work out. We’ve seen companies go down that road, and our goal is your success — even if it means it means begging and pleading until you see the light.