Are you having issues with data inconsistency from having to manually enter your data into your ERP and MES?

We’ve developed the solution for your woes. Introducing Direct Integration Core Essentials, AKA DICE.


DICE - Direct Integrations Core Essentials



Are you still manually entering data from your PLM into your ERP?

An engineer enters data into your Teamcenter PLM system. And now you want to move this data into your ERP. Without an ERP integration, someone needs to manually take that data, and enter it again, into a new system, an additional step adds the potential for human error.

It doesn't need to be that way though. Avoid the data inconsistency and inaccuracy issues that come with manual data entry by implementing DICE — Direct Integration Core Essentials.

What is DICE?

Direct Integration Core Essentials (AKA DICE) is a Teamcenter integration by the Applied CAx PLM Team. This integration will enable you to easily extract your information into a consumable format (JSON) that can be consumed by other systems. DICE can extract your information into a flat file, or even issue a web post containing the information and validate a response.

DICE gives you all the essential functionality to integrate Teamcenter with an ERP in one direction at a significantly lower cost/investment than competing options.

How it works

DICE is added to your pre-existing workflows to enable automatic extraction at defined steps. The system is fully configurable by various arguments and preferences. On successful data extraction, the system will mark a property flag as migrated to enable various things like analytics and failure handling. Data can currently be extracted from the revision, Its parent Item, the first-level BOM, or even the workflow itself. Once the data is extracted, it can be consumed by a third-party system like an ERP or MES system.

Extraction Methods

JSON File Extraction
DICE can be configured to drop a JSON file on the server. This would allow you to consume this file by any third-party source that can parse JSON.

Web Post
DICE can be configured to call a web post with a JSON payload of the information. The post supports adding additional header information to enable token authentication. The system can be configured to validate the result and fail the workflow for correction, or just continue and be addressed later.


DICE will generate 1 file or web post per revision in your workflow.

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