Do you find limitations with out-of-the-box workflow handlers?

Introducing KTT — Kaleidoscope Teamcenter Toolkit


KTT - Kaleidoscope Teamcenter Toolkit

Are you having a hard time developing the workflow you need?

Creating workflows in Teamcenter can be a challenge, especially when the out-of-the-box handlers lack the functionality to support what you need. We have had to create very complex workflows that leverage hard-to-manage systems just to work around the lack of a single handler. This can take weeks to develop, and there is no guarantee that the desired functionality will be possible.

As Teamcenter experts, we know that this timeline and limitation is unacceptable.

Extend your workflows with Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is a custom toolkit containing numerous workflow handlers to help you extend your workflows to meet your business needs. We found that the out-of-the-box handlers sometimes can be limiting or just not working as expected, so we created our own to allow us to meet our goals.

The solution

KTT, aka Kaleidoscope Teamcenter Toolkit, works like a plug-and-play. Once installed, it improves your workflows and can help automate a range of tasks, including:

  • Property Validation: Validate whether a property value matches or does not match a specific value
  • Unique Property Validation: Validate one or more revision properties that are unique in your system
  • BOM Validation: Validate a BVR contains children item/revision objects and is not just empty
  • BOM Status Validation: Validate the BVR children based on the specified revision rule
  • Relation Attachment: Traverse primary or secondary relations to attach the end object to your workflow

And much more...

Kaleidoscope is a powerful tool that can help you extend your workflows and automate your tasks.


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