For subscription licenses, never ever mess with SAP.  The licensing system is 100% automated.  If a customer wants to move to another machine, they simply install on that machine, and when prompted, enter their original activation code.  The license will be moved.  If they do this too many times, then we lock them out.  However, for this one switch that all you needed to do.  Now that the machine data has been updated in SAP manually, things are never going to work.

I will ping the subscription IT team and ask them to do a reset on this Sold-To, once they tell me it’s been reset, install on new machine, run FEMAP for the first time, enter the Activation Code, and they should be moved to that machine.


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The order has processed and everything looks ok with the Installation. The activation code shown in your attachment is correct for their subscription and the download link for Subscription and Femap Trial are identical.

We can see from our side that Femap has yet to contact the SPLM servers for this installation so I see two possibilities the second of which is more likely:

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