In this short webinar we talk about Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) for both plastics and metals. Get a brief overview of additive manufacturing as a whole, where it is now and where it's going.

Then we dig into the meat and look at improvements in NX advanced manufacturing by doing some light weighting & optimizing for both metals and plastics. We kick around a few samples that we take apart and lightweight with Topology Optimization and Generative Design using the Frustum TopOp tab in NX. We also be look at lattice structures and how to use those.

Lastly we'll touch upon some of the work Sherpa Design and Applied CAx has been doing with our Carbon M2 3D printer.

We held this webinar on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018

This webinar was led by Sterling Logan, owner | engineer at 3DLOGICS, and Taylor Saul, technical account manager for Applied CAx.

Sterling Logan is owner and lead engineer at 3D LOGICS, a professional Additive Manufacturing lab specializing in SLSplastics and DMLS metals. Their professional services and expertise go beyond 3D printing to includeCAD Design, Part Optimization, 3D Scanning, and Reverse Engineering.

Taylor Saul is technical account manager for Applied CAx. Taylor is a wealth of knowledge on CAD, CAM and PLM, and is your first point of contact for improving your workflows, licenses and processes.


In this demo we show simulation inside of NX. We show the loading of a machine and give an overview of how it works inside NX, the features of it and the advantages we see in it over a third party application such as Vericut.

We use an out of the box sample file that Siemens PLM provides. It’s just the part file, no machine is loaded in the machine tool navigator. We retrieve a machine from the library and we'll choose the Hass UMC750.

Right away it tries to choose a placement point and you have a couple of options on how you want to place it. You can use a part mount junction, which is looking at the fixture and the part and mount the machine to that. You can also do it from machine zero from your MCS. If you had another machine loaded in here, you could use those old positioning constraints. But in this case, we just use the part mount junction and our machine gets loaded.

Affected Software: NX Post
Associated PR Number(s): 9103761, 9118934, 9110822, 9128091

There is a known issue with NX/Post in NX release where CAM operations — for producing tool paths in terms of contact points — may not get post-processed correctly. As a result, N/C codes of certain circular motions may contain reverse direction. This problem will be fixed in Maintenance Pack 2 for NX 12.0.1 (RTM June 1, 2018).

As providers of CAM software we hear it all the time: "Where can my new guys learn NX?" We've set out to create a series of onboarding videos to get your machinist-programmer up and running in NX.

Our instructor brings an experienced but fresh eye to the material. He was introduced to NX CAM in the last five years and knows what it takes to get onboard with the program's interface and logic.

We'll add more in the series as they become available.