Learn how to ramp up system simulation productivity using Simcenter Amesim 16, Simcenter Sysdm 16 as well as new Simcenter Embedded Software Designer.

In this on-demand video, discover a broad set of new capabilities offered in Simcenter system simulation solutions 16 (formerly LMS Imagine.Lab) for the aerospace and defense industry, among which:

  • Completely revamped user experience
  • New CAD import capabilities and FMI 2.0 support
  • Integration with Excel, Simcenter 3D Motion, Simcenter STAR-CCM+ and HEEDS
  • New gas turbine library
  • New liquid propulsion library
  • Fuel tank modeling with slosh dynamics
  • New atmospheric models according to U.S. military standards
  • Customized data management with Simcenter Sysdm 16
  • Integrated model-based software engineering with Simcenter Embedded Software Designer


Siemens PLM is pleased to announce that Simcenter 3D 12.0.0 is available.

Simcenter 3D is a unified, scalable, open, and extensible environment for 3D simulation that is based on the NX platform. This release of Simcenter 3D revolutionizes how simulation engineers can help drive design direction and predict product performance. It provides new solutions, such as topology optimization powered by NX Nastran, and supports seamless integration with NX Convergent Modeling™—allowing designers and advanced analysts to quickly generate and explore new design concepts. This release expands and integrates an impressive array of new technologies that build on LMS technologies for acoustics, structural, and motion analyses, and it broadens support for nonlinear solutions to include multi-step and dynamic nonlinear solutions. With new capabilities in motion, thermal, flow, and pre/post, as well as enhancements in discipline- and industry-specific modeling and post-processing, Simcenter 3D empowers engineers to be more productive while enabling more realistic and efficient CAE workflows than ever before.

Affected Software: Simcenter 11.0.0 and 11.0.1
Associated PR Number(s): 8343577
Scope: Windows 64-Bit & Linux 64-Bit


Importing a load, constraint or simulation object which references an interpart expression can corrupt your model.

The "Import Simulation Entities" command is used to import simulation entities from a source simulation into the current simulation (i.e. import from source SIM model to current SIM model). Using this command to import a load, constraint or simulation object which references an interpart expression can corrupt your model.

Interpart expressions are expressions that are linked between part files. For example, an expression defined in a FEM can be linked and referenced in a related SIM as an interpart expression. If you use an interpart expression in the definition of a load and then copy it into a target simulation model via the "Import Simulation Entities" command, the target model can get corrupted.

This issue exists in Simcenter version 11.0.0 and 11.0.1.



The issue does not exist prior to version 11, and the issue has been resolved in version 11.0.2 and following releases.

Affected Software: Simcenter 11.0.X
Siemens PLM is pleased to inform you that the latest version of the Thermal and Flow solvers is now available for download from the Siemens PLM Download server.

This release contains updates for Simcenter 11. To download the update, start at the Siemens PLM Download server. Note a valid WebKey account is required for download.

Once on the dowload server navigate to Simcenter and select Product Updates - Desired version - Thermal and flow - the correct file for your platform.

Affected Software: Simcenter 11.0.0
Scope: Windows 64-Bit & Linux 64-Bit

Maintenance Pack 5 for Simcenter 11.0.0 is now available on the Siemens PLM Download Server.

Simcenter 11.0.0 MP5 is an accumulation of fixes built for installation on top of Windows 64-Bit and Linux 64-Bit images of Simcenter 11.0.0.

To find the release package for your platform, click here.

Note: A valid WebKey account is required.

From the Welcome page, Enter “simcenter-11.0.0.mp05” (including the quotes) in the Search box to see a list of links to the release letter and available release packages.

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