Leveraging synchronous technology

NP Innovation is a Swedish company dedicated to developing water treatment solutions for aquaculture, industrial and municipal applications. Building on 30 years of experience, NP Innovation is on a mission to change the industry with innovative design and manufacturing, as well as reduced costs for investments, operations and maintenance.

NP Innovation chose Solid Edge for computer-aided design (CAD) from product lifecycle management specialist Siemens PLM Software.

“Innovation is the core of what we do,” says Gustav Kågesson, design manager for NP Innovation. “Our ideas are realized using Solid Edge, which helps our designers to work quickly and efficiently. We are particularly satisfied with the functions of synchronous modeling for easy editing without the need to edit sketches every time.”

Getting control of product data

As NP Innovation realized improvements in design productivity and quality with Solid Edge, the volume of data made it difficult for them to find and re-use existing designs. NP Innovation recognized it needed a PLM solution to get control of its product data.

“When we saw the need for a system to collect and connect our product data in an intelligent way, we turned to Siemens PLM Software partner NEXTAGE for help,” says Kågesson. “NEXTAGE not only suggested a solution in terms of the proven product lifecycle management system Teamcenter, but also recommended infrastructure and maintenance based on our needs. They performed the implementation that was smoothly delivered in only 10 days.”

As a smaller startup business with a team of four Solid Edge designers, NP Innovation didn’t have the information technology (IT) staff or budget to support a large software deployment effort. Working with NEXTAGE, the company determined that a cloud deployment of Teamcenter software would eliminate the need for the upfront purchase of servers. Instead, NP Innovation chose Amazon Web Services to provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for a monthly subscription cost. Amazon provides both cloud-based servers and support for NP Innovation to run its Teamcenter environment.

NP Innovation was able to further manage the IT investment by financing its Teamcenter purchase as a monthly operational expense rather than a large capital investment. The agreement includes NEXTAGE services and support on an ongoing basis, so NP Innovation has no requirement for IT staff to maintain the PLM environment.

Sharing data more efficiently

Working with a partner and Amazon, NP Innovation installed and deployed Teamcenter in 10 days, including user training. The NP Innovation team of four Solid Edge designers can now collaborate and share data with others in the business more efficiently.

“Our designers are very pleased with Teamcenter and estimate they can now collaborate and share data 50 percent more efficiently than before the solution was implemented,” says Kågesson. “Additionally, they have increased design re-use by 50 percent, saving both time and money in the process.”

Using Teamcenter to manage change

NP Innovation is also seeing improvements in change management. Teamcenter enables NP Innovation to track the history of designs, including changes, so people can easily find the correct information, understand the consequences of a change and understand which changes are necessary.

“Changes are now managed using Teamcenter and all the history is there so it gives us the knowledge needed to understand when to make a change and when to act as a consequence of a change,” says Kågesson. “This gives us full control over our product development and facilitates innovation.”

The centralized, secure source of product data gives NP Innovation confidence that it is working from the right data, including an acutely accurate bill-of-materials (BOM).

“Data quality and accuracy are very important to us since we believe that further innovation only can be realized on the basis of information that can be trusted to draw the correct conclusions and make better decisions,” explains Kågesson. “With Teamcenter, we have a reliable data source. Today our BOM is always 100 percent correct, which has led to fewer mistakes and above all, faster time-to-market.”