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CAD Support

We’ve been seeing an error on translations become more prevalent lately. Often the solution is to rollback your video card driver to an earlier version that is certified.

Figure 01 is the error you will receive with the following phrasing:

Error - Unhandled UG exception caught.
With the following message <Internal error: memory access violation>.
Please reference syslog for more detailed information.

support 03

There appears to be something with Win10, video cards and NX that is preventing the translation from working. 

Here is a link to the driver certification list from Siemens PLM

As a workaround, in NX you can File > Import STEP/IGES/Parasolid/etc. but you can also File > Open.

This workaround will open a STEP file in the same units as created in. So if you’re used to working in Inches but the step file came out in Metric, your parts will be metric.

We should emphasize, this is a workaround and in the longer term we strongly advise you to look into the video card driver versions.

support 01

When you change the file type > you can access options for import with the Options button at the lower left.

support 02

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