Our Siemens Xcelerator Users Group Events are opportunities for new and current Teamcenter, NX, Femap, STAR-CCM+, and Simcenter 3D users to gather for a day of technical training and networking with peers, industry experts, and solution experts.

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This event took place on:
January 31st, 2024
Long Beach, California

3550 East Carson Street
Long Beach, CA, 90808


Xcelerator Users Group Agenda


8:00 am

Attendee check-in

Please allow time for attendee check-in.

Applied CAx

9:00 am

The Unspoken Hero - Why Engineering Reports Matter in the World of Simulation​

This presentation focuses on a less glamorous yet crucial aspect of FEA Simulation Engineering - the Engineering Report.
In this presentation, Applied CAx founder Dr. George Laird offers advice on simplifying the documentation process in FEA, ranking documentation requirements from required (career saving) to nice but not really necessary. Along this journey, he’ll discuss the importance of understanding the technology behind the FEA method (e.g.; isoparametric elements, CQUAD versus CQUADR, element quality).


George Laird, PhD, PE
Principal Mechanical Engineer and Founder
Applied CAx


10:00 am

How to use Simcenter 3D for Assembly Dynamic Analysis

The presentation/Live Demo will include a general overview of the Simcenter3D file structure, Geometry preparation, and meshing with multiple types of elements and connections.

Now available for on-demand viewing. Click here to watch the presentation.


 Jacob Livshits
Thermal Analysis and Control Engineer, Israel Aerospace Industries
Consulting Application Engineer, CAE, Applied CAx

11:00 am

Consultant Engineers Guide to Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 

In this presentation, we will demonstrate strategies for optimizing workflows within STAR-CCM+—ensuring you can harness the tool's full potential and elevate your proficiency as a simulation engineer. Examples include the simulation of conjugate heat transfer in an electric propeller motor, the exploration of multi-phase combustion in recovery boilers, and the application of dispersion analysis for data center campuses.

Now available for on-demand viewing. Click here to watch the presentation.


Clay Hearn, PhD
Senior Application Engineer - CFD
Applied CAx

12:00 pm


Provided by Applied CAx

1:00 pm

Siemens Keynote Presentation:
Systems Engineering: Systems-Based Continuous Verification

Demonstrate a practical use case of leveraging the Xcelerator Portfolio of products to connect the digital thread from concept design through engineering. It will show requirements and parameter development in Teamcenter, connecting those requirements and parameters into System Modeling Workbench for concept architecture design and then connecting those same parameters into NX/Simcenter for detail design and verification. This iterative design cycle will leverage Teamcenter Test and Verification to demonstrate the closed-loop V&V process.

Now available for on-demand viewing. Watch the presentation here.


William Hahn
Director Solutions Consulting
Systems Engineering & SaaS
Siemens Digital Industries Software

2:00 pm

Breakout Session: Simcenter 3d: General Guidelines and Best Practices for Thermal Modeling and Simulation of Satellites

Topics covered: Modeling approach, using Assembly FEM for large-scale systems, expression automation, Orbital heating, Radiation modeling, thermal connections, modeling thermal devices such as heat pipes, and more.


Jacob Livshits
Thermal Analysis and Control Engineer, Israel Aerospace Industries
Consulting Application Engineer, CAE, Applied CAx
Applied CAx

2:00 pm

NX Large Assembly Best Practices 

Managing and quickly accessing data is an ever-increasing challenge in a digital world of complexity and variation. The solid modeling world of design and engineering is no different. Siemens NX developers have designed dedicated tools to help quickly open and present substantial amounts of data in large and often very complex assemblies. In this presentation, we will focus on three NX functions that will help ease the burden of loading and opening large, detail-driven assemblies.

This presentation is now available to view on demand. 
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Corey Brown
Design & Manufacturing Application Engineer
Applied CAx

2:30 pm

NX Managed: Wave Linking the Applied Way

In this presentation, we'll spotlight Wave Linking Best Practices, offering a roadmap to streamline your design process. Delve into the consequences of neglecting these practices, focusing on the pressing issue of slowness.

Now available for on-demand viewing. Click here to view the presentation


Michael Grant
Design & Manufacturing Services Manager
Applied CAx

3:30 pm


EBOM or MBOM or DBOM?  Are you trying to determine which BOM Strategy makes the most sense for your business? In this presentation by Applied CAx PLM Director Jamie Griffis, she unravels the complexities of choosing the ideal Bill of Materials (BOM) strategy for your organization. This practical advice will empower your organization to make informed decisions that optimize product development, manufacturing efficiency, and overall product lifecycle management.

Now available for on-demand viewing. Click here to view the presentation.


Jamie Griffis
Partner, PLM Director, Senior Teamcenter Architect
Applied CAx

4:00 pm

Morf3D Facility Tour


4:40 pm

Social & Networking





Morf3D logo

About Morf3D

Located in the heart of Long Beach, CA., Morf3D provides end-to-end Additive Manufacturing solutions in R&D, Engineering, and Additive Manufacturing. Their suite of services and strategic partnerships allows them to provide options to significantly reduce capital investments in additive technology, engineering, and staff dedicated to the advancement of AM.

Morf3D believes that Additive Manufacturing will forever change the landscape of how we design, what we make, when we make it, and where it is produced, all of which require us to alter the way we think! Morf3D has the Additive Smarts to help you envision the possibilities, evolve your engineering and R&D, and develop a solid plan to enlist additive manufacturing to boost profits and lead your industry.

The collaborative and hands-on approach at their R&D Innovation Center is central to education, ultimately accelerating the adoption of Additive Manufacturing.