Daimler DTNA Suppliers – Transition Information

February 12, 2015


NX CAD product overview graphicSmart innovations are transforming every industry


NX accelerates innovation by helping you leverage knowledge, automate processes, evaluate ideas and manage change efficiently. Unlike CAD-only solutions, NX for Design offers the highest level of integration between disciplines in an open, collaborative environment.


As you know DTNA has moved to Siemens NX, and is working with its suppliers to do the same by the end of the year.


Applied offers specially priced NX CAD Bundles to DTNA suppliers, and we can help minimize your time to value through great training and tech support.





Entry Bundle


  • Replacement for 2D / MidRange 3D


  • For low/mid level work


  • Component Supplier, Manufacturing Supplier


  • Analytic Solid Models incl. Synchronous Technology, Basic & Advanced Free Form


Engineering Bundle


  • Design- and Engineering House


  • Component Supplier (PT,PE, and Styling), Tooling Supplier


  • Complex Free Form Models (Class A and Reverse Engineering) and Advanced Assemblies


Advanced Engineering Bundle


  • Additional Modules:
    – Weld Point Management
    – Wire Harness, Tubing, Piping
    – CAE – Advanced Sim for FEA: Pre, Post and Solver
    – General Packaging


Teamcenter Bundle


  • Teamcenter for Supplier in house PLM



Each software bundle includes the user interface exposed in NX for Teamcenter and a limited set of the Teamcenter user interface for navigation and search for managing their CAD data.



Specialized NX Training


Applied CAx provides clients with training and technical expertise to support the migration to Siemens PLM software.


NX User Foundations


This five-day training course provides users with a foundational understanding of NX from general basics to feature modeling to drafting components and assembly backed by activities based learning. To ensure maximum educational value to your team, the course is highly-customizable to fit your engineering process.

Course topics include: General interface, manipulating of parts, feature modeling, part families, assembly creation and constraints, large assembly best practices, component arrays, Sheet Metal 101, WAVE Geometry Linker, drafting components and assembly, parts list (BOM), dimensioning and synchronous modeling.



NX Design for Interior Suppliers


In addition to the NX Foundation topics, this class includes tools and features to help supplier companies that deal with imported scan data, non-native surface definition and plastic part design.


NX Design for Component Suppliers

For companies that supply sub-assemblies and other purchased components this class addresses reference geometry and interface concerns, in addition to the topics in the NX Foundation class.



What You Can Expect


All classes are instructor led and can be customized to meet the unique needs of DTNA supplier companies. Students are introduced new modeling topics and then participate in hands-on activities related to the material presented. Instructors have years of Siemens PLM software experience and can relate tips and tricks that have real world foundations.


Contact us to learn how we can get your organization up and running with NX.

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