Teamcenter Manufacturing Management
Manufacturing Management

Teamcenter Manufacturing Management

Manage your manufacturing processes in Teamcenter using Easy Plan

Expand your PLM beyond PDM (Product Data Management) and manage more of your manufacturing processes in Teamcenter.

Easy Plan allows you to integrate your PLM platform into your Manufacturing Management processes. And builds a robust digital thread to connect design engineering, manufacturing engineering, quality engineering, and production.

Reduce your labor costs and improve productivity. By moving all of your processes into one system, you can plan and optimize your manufacturing facilities well before you start production. Easy Plan’s capabilities for manufacturing process management enable you to create, validate, and optimize manufacturing planning alongside product design.

Integrated engineering and manufacturing

An integrated production and production lifecycle environment ensures your digital thread and communication frameworks enable you to repurpose, reuse, and trace production information throughout the product lifecycle and supply. Extend your engineering bill of materials (EBOM) to a Manufacturing Bill of Materials (MBOM) and keep the digital record of information connected.

Teamcenter software’s Manufacturing Process Planner (MPP) and Easy Plan MBOM configuration add powerful BOM accountability and operational efficiency to your PLM system.

Applied CAx is a long-standing certified expert Siemens Digital Industries partner. As a solution provider, value-added reseller, and systems integrator, we can implement and configure your Teamcenter PLM with your MES and ERP system.


“Easy Plan brings web 4.0 technology into the manufacturing process to make a more dynamic and agile tool for development and consumption by end uses and toolsets.

The point of these tools is to make everything seamless — to go from engineering through manufacturing, to generate MBOMs, and potentially build a process based on a robust digital thread.”

— Jesse Binford, Senior Teamenter Architect at Applied CAx


What happened to MPP?

Teamcenter software’s Manufacturing Process Planner (MPP) and Easy Plan are similar applications that allow you to manage and optimize your manufacturing plans within your Teamcenter PLM.

Easy Plan is the new standard, being built off and evolving from the MPP application. Embracing Web 4.0 technology and its emphasis on collaboration and collective intelligence, it has essentially supplanted MPP.

Easy Plan works in the Active Workspace, a web-based client platform for Teamcenter, and provides a single collaborative environment to capture product design data and manufacturing data from different systems while allowing you to manage global production processes.

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