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Managed PLM Administration

ERP Integration Services

Boost productivity with fully integrated ERP and PLM processes. 

Are you struggling to get a complete and accurate view of your product development process due to disconnected systems and data silos? In today’s data-driven environment, it’s crucial to minimize human error and duplicate processes.

Our team of technical experts specializes in building secure frameworks for managing data and will work with you to seamlessly integrate your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with your Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system.

Reduce costs & enhance productivity

Real-time access to comprehensive product information (including costs) is crucial to an efficient product development process. In addition to improving data accuracy, by syncing the systems as a loop, we can bring data back from the ERP system, allowing you to automate tasks and reduce manual data entry.  In addition to the integrations with the popular enterprise ERP systems, Applied has the expertise to build custom integrations if required.

Implement the digital thread and closed-loop smart manufacturing processes

ERP (enterprise resource planning) and PLM (product lifecycle management) systems can be integrated to create a digital thread in a closed-loop smart manufacturing process. The digital thread is a continuous flow of information that connects all aspects of the product lifecycle, from design and development to production and maintenance. It allows for real-time communication and data exchange between different departments and systems.

By integrating the ERP and PLM systems, it is possible to create a closed-loop process in which information flows seamlessly between the two systems. For example, data about production schedules and materials requirements can be automatically passed from the ERP system to the PLM system, and data about product designs and engineering changes can be passed in the opposite direction. The PLM and ERP integration allows for more efficient and accurate communication and decision-making throughout the product lifecycle, as all relevant information is available in a single, integrated system. It also enables greater visibility into the manufacturing process, allowing for more effective monitoring and control.

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