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Taylor Saul

Taylor Saul is Managing Partner, Sales at Applied CAx. His primary focus is on PLM development & implementation with our Teamcenter customers. Taylor has worked with multiple Aerospace and Defense companies to align Teamcenter with their program needs. Taylor has also worked with Tier-1 international automotive suppliers and international engineer-to-order manufacturers.

In addition to Teamcenter, Taylor has participated in and led multiple onsite audits of manufacturing processes to improve workflows, best practices, standardization, and modern use of NX.

Contact Taylor:

[email protected]

Chris Cripps

Chris Cripps is a Senior Account Executive and Partner at Applied CAx. His primary focus is on design, manufacturing, and simulation solutions. Chris has a background in mechanical and electrical design as well as manufacturing, simulation, aerospace, automotive, quality assurance, and virtual reality solutions. 

Prior to joining the Applied team as a partner, Chris worked as a Partner Sales Executive for Siemens DISW, a Simulation Sales Executive at Autodesk, and a Business Development Manager for ESI Group. Chris is an innovative problem-solver with broad experience in the industry and various software tools and solutions. Our customers can rely on Chris to bring a unique perspective, knowledgeable support, and value to the conversation.

Contact Chris:
(949) 636-7351

[email protected]

Bill Zanke

Bill Zanke is a Senior Account Executive for Applied. He can help coordinate your support, onboarding information, and software to help you get the best out of your engineering tools.

Contact Bill:
(971) 258-7550

[email protected]


Gary Griffith is a Senior Account Executive at Applied CAx. His primary focus is on design, manufacturing, and simulation solutions. Gary has a background in aerospace engineering, simulation, automotive and product conceptual design, manufacturing, and, more recently, data security.

Before joining the Applied team, Gary worked in the PLM space for more than two decades, including positions as a mid-market Sales Executive for Siemens DISW, a PLM Sales Executive at Dassault Systems, and an Account Manager for Tata Technologies. With a 30+ year career in enterprise and technical sales across multiple industries and geographies, Gary is skilled at helping customers prioritize and measure critical business issues and then selecting, confirming, and deploying software-driven solutions to directly address or eliminate the most impactful problems to propel both technical and business success.

Contact Gary:
(310) 781-0593

[email protected]