data migration services
Data Migration

Data Migration Services

The Applied CAx PLM Services team has been performing data migrations for over 12 years, specializing in CAD migrations.

Companies already have historical product data compiled, whether it's in another PDM system or just file folders. Or perhaps you’re looking to migrate from one PLM environment to another.

The biggest benefit of Teamcenter PLM is placing all your data into a central location to more easily manage it. But first, you need to populate your PLM with the data you already have. However, pulling in historical data and importing it into Teamcenter can be a large and complicated project with challenges to consider.

Determining the best strategy for your migration

Do you want to go a ‘big bang’ approach, and try to take everything at once, or do it in rolling phases and manageable chunks? The best approach will be dependent on how much data you have. If you wait for the one-time bulk migration approach, it'll take the longest to get the system live, depending on the state of the data and how much data we have to compile and push into Teamcenter. 

Our data migration experts will work with you to develop a migration plan and the optimal solution for your migration.

The Applied solution that will save you time

Our PLM Services team has created several proprietary data migration tools to streamline this process. And we can even go from one system to another.


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