Simcenter Femap and Nastran training

Our workshops provide the principals and modeling fundamentals to get new users started, plus tips, tricks and extra skills to expand the knowledge of experienced users.

Training reviews

Our training courses are crafted by experts and highly-rated by those who attend. We’ve mastered efficiency in training—bringing the most benefit in the least amount of time.
"Very good explanation of methods for setting up models to make analysis and interpreting results easier!"
Overal rating: 4.6/5
Company Class notes & workshops Class Pace Quality of experience
Cascade Aerospace 4 3 4
Northrop Grumman 4 5 4
NSROC Hawk Institute
for Space Services
5 5 4
Janicki Industries 4 5 4
"Overall great class, very informative."
Overal rating: 5/5
Company Class notes & workshops Class Pace Quality of experience
GoGo Inflight 5 5 5
Bollinger 5 5 5
UAH 5 5 5
Systima Technologies 5 5 5
"Loved the class- nice addition to all of the info that I have learned on my own time. Lots of clarity!"
Overall rating: 4.7/5
Company Class notes & workshops Class pace Quality of experience
Systima Technologies 5 4 5
Norfolk Naval Shipyard 5 5 5
Esterline Mason 5 5 5
Viasat 4 4 5

Expand your knowledge with expert training

Reach out to the team at Applied CAx to learn about our training options and devise a plan to support your team.