Our PLM Services team has been performing data migrations and customizations — and created custom tools for Teamcenter — for years.

And now we've made some of these tools available for you.


The Applied Solutions that will save you time.

If you're a Teamcenter administrator, optimizing your PLM, or need legacy data migrated into Teamcenter, you're in the right place. As Teamcenter PLM experts, we've seen it all, and have years of experience. 

Moving large amounts of legacy data for Teamcenter upgrades, implementations, and migrations can be a drawn-out, time-consuming task. Over the years, to expedite these tasks, we've explored all the options available to us, provided feedback, and assisted in the development of Siemens tools. And when that wasn't enough, we developed our Teamcenter tool and solutions.



DICE - Direct Integrations Core Essentials


Teamcenter to ERP Integration Solution

DICE — Direct Integration Core Essentials
M2TC - Migration to Teamcenter


Expedite your data migration to Teamcenter

M2TC — Migration to Teamcenter
KTT - Kaleidoscope Teamcenter Toolkit


Teamcenter Toolkit for Administrators