NX CAD: Designing Parts in NX for Experienced Users

Duration: 5 Days 
Location: Portland, Oregon

This course was created for experienced CAD users transitioning to Siemens NX CAD from other CAD software tools.

In this course, students will learn the essential NX processes necessary for creating and editing parametric models. They will create sketches to capture design intent, model a part efficiently, as well as assemble parts into product assemblies, and produce basic part drawings.

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Prerequisite: Working knowledge of parametric modeling

Group rates are available for 7+ users; please contact us here or email us at [email protected]
Group discounts and off-site training are available for this course.

Course Topics

  • NX user interface
  • Create a basic part
  • Organize and display part models
  • Create cylindrical parts using sketches
  • Add Finishing Details
  • Simple changes and part interrogation
  • Analyze existing assemblies
  • Establishing design intent
  • Create parts with constant wall thickness
  • Create molded parts
  • Sweep geometry
  • Build parts with duplicated geometry
  • Create symmetric models
  • Bottom-up assembly building
  • Manage assemblies
  • Analyze the design and make changes
  • Revise Assemblies
  • Basic part edits using synchronous
  • Edit non-parametric models
  • Data translators
  • Arrangements
  • Top-down modeling
  • Link geometry between related parts
  • Create expression links between parts
  • Create a basic part drawing

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