Managed Teamcenter PLM Administration
Managed PLM Administration

Managed PLM Administration Services

Your New PLM System has been deployed. What next?

Take the stress out of PLM Administration.

From advanced upgrades to ongoing maintenance, our dedicated Teamcenter PLM Services team offers a range of support for your PLM operations post-deployment, ranging from Teamcenter PLM administration, Teamcenter PLM software training, user support, or technical assistance.

PLM systems require constant care and feeding. Smaller organizations may not be ready to dedicate staff for PLM administration — that's where our team can be of service.

Acting as an extension of your team, our PLM Services team is available to help your organization through the journey of your PLM evolution or until your organization has grown enough to bring on dedicated staff to support PLM administration in-house.


“You’re never really done with PLM. You’re consistently refining and evolving processes. Enterprise-level software platforms require support and maintenance. That’s what the PLM administrator does.

Our team at Applied CAx was created to support PLM Administration for the companies we partner with, and that’s pretty unique… not everybody does that.”

— Jamie Griffis, PLM Director and Partner at Applied CAx

“PLM Director Jamie Griffis”


Note: Applied CAx is 100% percent ITAR compliant, and our services team is all US persons. Want to learn more?