Fibersim significantly reduces the cost and time required to design and manufacture innovative, durable and lightweight composite structures.

Fibersim seamlessly integrates into popular 3D CAD systems to create and transition accurate designs, drawings and related data throughout the entire design, analysis and manufacturing process. Fibersim evaluates native CAD geometry and displays results within the CAD system without translation or approximation.

Features & Benefits of Fibersim:

  • Reduce material necessary to achieve required strength/stiffness
  • Achieve higher production rates and decrease assembly costs
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors
  • Alleviate communication barriers between analysts and engineers
  • Expanded Teamcenter integration throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • Ensures an accurate, bi-directional exchange of CAE and CAD composite part definitions
  • Enables selection of best-in-class CAE and CAD tools