Transform your machining with NX CAM

NX CAM is a complete solution for parts manufacturing—including machine tool programming, post-processing and machining simulation.

Redefine your efficiency with optimized machining processes

Unlock unparalleled productivity and precision with NX CAM. Seamlessly integrate CAD/CAM, harness adaptive machining strategies and streamline tool and material management for optimized manufacturing workflows.

Refine your machining process with NX CAM

  • 01 Unlock seamless CAD/CAM integration

    Import your CAD designs directly into NX CAM. The integrated platform ensures a smooth transition from design to manufacturing, eliminating data translation errors and saving valuable time.

  • 02 Generate precise toolpaths

    Harness the power of NX CAM’s advanced algorithms to generate precise toolpaths tailored to your specific machining needs. Our software optimizes material removal and minimizes cycle times, maximizing efficiency at every step.

  • 03 Support machining

    Take your manufacturing to new heights with NX CAM’s support for multi-axis and adaptive machining.

  • 04 Improve simulation and verification

    Prioritize precision and safety with NX CAM’s simulation and verification tools. Visualize machining processes, detect potential collisions and validate toolpaths before executing them on the shop floor.

  • 05 Boost post-processing capabilities

    Seamlessly transition from CAM programming to production with NX CAM’s post-processing capabilities. Generate machine-specific code and simulate machining operations to ensure a smooth and error-free manufacturing process.

Designed for enhanced quality and efficient results

reduced programming time (Siemens)
shortening of machining cycles
higher part quality

Streamline your complex manufacturing

  • Reduce programming time and errors

    NX CAM offers advanced feature recognition capabilities that automatically identify geometric features on CAD models and apply appropriate machining strategies, reducing programming time and errors.
  • Enhance productivity and tool life

    NX CAM includes high-speed machining strategies that optimize tool paths for improved surface finish and reduced cycle times, enhancing productivity and tool life.
  • Ensure process efficiency and safety

    NX CAM provides robust simulation and verification tools that allow users to visualize machining operations, detect collisions and optimize tool paths to ensure efficient and safe manufacturing processes.
  • Ease the transition to machining

    NX CAM supports customizable post-processors, enabling seamless integration with CNC machine tools and controllers, compatibility and a smooth transition from CAM programming to machining.
  • Guarantee lifecycle accuracy and consistency

    NX CAM is tightly integrated with Siemens' CAD software, NX, facilitating seamless data exchange between design and manufacturing and ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout the product development lifecycle.
  • Optimize toolpaths

    The software offers advanced toolpath optimization algorithms that enhance machining efficiency, reduce cycle times, minimize tool wear and improve surface finish quality.

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Our experts are not only advocates for NX CAM, they use it every day. We are here to answer any questions you might have. Here are some of the most common.
  • How does NX CAM integrate with NX CAD?
    NX CAM and NX CAD are seamlessly integrated between different stages of product development—from design to manufacturing. They are a unified platform, meaning it’s a single software environment and they operate within the same system on one interface.
  • What types of machining operations can be programmed in NX CAM?
    NX CAM supports a variety of machining operations, catering to various industries and needs. Examples include 2.5-axis,3-axis, and 5-axis milling, 2-axis and multi-axis turning, standard and feature-based drilling, 2-axis wire EDM and 4-axis wire EDM, multi-function machining, swiss machining, robot machining, high-speed machining, adaptive milling, additive manufacturing and more.
  • What are the options for simulation and verification in NX CAM?
    NX CAM includes robust options for simulation and verification to ensure machining processes are efficient, accurate and optimized pre-production. Utilize a G-code simulation module to simulate inside NX and simulate within Vericut directly through NX CAM.
  • What are the licensing and pricing options for NX CAM?
    NX CAM is offered as an add-on or standalone license. Options accommodate different sizes and types of operations, including perpetual, subscription, term, floating, volume, educational and cloud-based. Reach out to learn more.