Advance electronic cooling and thermal analysis

Model, simulate and analyze heat transfer and cooling strategies within electronic devices and systems with Simcenter Flotherm.

Accurately predict and optimize the thermal performance of electronic systems

Flotherm facilitates in-depth thermal analysis and simulations, assisting designers in pinpointing overheating risks, crafting efficient cooling techniques and confirming thermal management approaches—before the creation of physical prototypes. This accelerates the design cycle and cuts down on expenses related to physical testing.

Speed up development and reduce costs

  • 01 Setup models

    Import electronic assemblies and components directly from CAD software or create geometries within the software itself. Easily define the thermal properties of materials, such as thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity and density.

  • 02 Generate mesh

    Automatically generate a mesh over a model, which is crucial for solving heat transfer equations and can be refined in areas of interest for increased accuracy.

  • 03 Run simulations

    Identify thermal sources, cooling mechanisms and boundary conditions and then run a simulation to solve heat transfer equations using the CFD solver. The software calculates temperature distributions and airflow patterns within and around the electronic assembly.

  • 04 Analyze and optimize

    Get detailed visualizations of temperature gradients, airflow velocities and other thermal characteristics along with thermal metrics such as junction temperatures to aid design iterations.

Flotherm is an electronic cooling simulation software leader

34 years
of development and user feedback
development time of electronic systems
40,000+ times faster
to solve by extracting a BCI-ROM with conduction analysis

Enhance the thermal reliability of electronics

  • SmartParts and models

    Flotherm offers pre-defined objects or SmartParts, such as fans, heatsinks and IC packages, which simplify the process of setting up complex electronic assemblies for simulation.
  • Automated meshing

    Automatically generate a high-quality mesh that adapts to the geometry of the electronic components, ensuring accurate and efficient simulations—without requiring extensive manual adjustments.
  • Advanced solver technology

    Flotherm's solver is optimized for thermal analysis, and accurately predicts airflow and temperature distribution in and around electronic devices.
  • Bottleneck (Bn) thermal characterization

    This unique feature allows for the rapid identification of thermal bottlenecks within the system, enabling engineers to focus optimization efforts where they are most needed.
  • Design of Experiments (DoE) and optimization

    Flotherm integrates with design exploration tools, allowing for systematic exploration of the design space to find optimal thermal solutions based on specified criteria.
  • ECXML import

    The ability to import ECXML files streamlines the transfer of electronic component information into Flotherm, reducing setup time and potential errors.

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