Duration: 4 Days   |   Location: Portland, Oregon

The NX Manufacturing Fundamentals course is designed to expedite the student learning experience in the generation of tool paths for 2.5 - 3-axis milling and drilling applications. The class utilizes CAM Express for CAM setup and assembly creation. CAM Express templates are utilized to aid in operation creation. As with each course taught by Applied CAx, this class reinforces our intimate knowledge of software's developments and instructs the students based on the underlying principles incorporated within the NX product suite.

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Location: Portland, Oregon   |   Cost: $1600/user  |  3-day course

NX Lathe Programming Class

This lathe programming course takes a part assembly from start to finish. After completing Lathe Fundamentals from Applied CAx, students will be able to take a solid model prepped for a 2-axis lathe, and confidently and efficiently program it from start to finish.

Trainees are invited to use project examples from their current workload. However due to time constraints, this is dependent on the complexity of the part. If needed Applied CAx will supply a training part file.

As trainees progress through the course they will be programming their exercise model, and by the end of the third day, they will have a fully programmed part file.

Location: Portland, Oregon   |   Cost: $2100/user

The Fixed-axis and Variable-axis Milling course is designed for NC/CNC programmers who machine simple or complex parts with fixed and variable tool capabilities. Students will learn how to create fixed and variable axis tool paths.

You will also be introduced to NX workflows for machining contoured parts, high-speed machining methods, milling holes and threads, milling turbine blade type parts, and on machine probing.

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Duration: 3 Days   |   Location: Portland, Oregon

The NX Multi-Axis Techniques course accelerates the user in the principles of simple to complex 3, 4 and 5 -axis positioning and contouring machining operations of the fixed axis, variable axis and sequential milling processors. In addition, explanations and examples using the various methods of tool axis control are presented. The student will fully comprehend the best method of use with specialized fixturing and machine tool configurations.