Siemens Digital Industries FEMAP and Simcenter Nastran

Applied CAx is pleased to announce a new on-demand option for our popular API course.

This 6-session course is a thorough deep dive into the FEMAP Application Programming Interface. It uses a blend of theory and practice that allows students to automate modeling processes, modify the model, import/export data and more.

Each session is presented by Adrian Jensen, PE, our highly-rated FEMAP instructor. Purchasers receive:

  • Access to 500+ minutes of training
  • Spiral-bound class notes (77 pages)
  • Access to workshops and model files

PURCHASE: This FEMAP API course is available to purchase via Amazon

PRICE: $495.


FEMAP API – On-Demand Web Course Outline


Session 1: Introduction to FEMAP’s API
Anatomy of a Simple API    
•    Defining an Object    
•    Data Types    
•    Dimensioning Variables    
•    Entity Types    
•    Using the Capabilities Of An Object    
•    Object Method Syntax    
•    Return Codes    
•    Object Property Syntax

Workshop I:  Recording a FEMAP Macro (*.Pro, *.Prg)
•    FEMAP APIs Vs FEMAP Program Files

Workshop II:  “Hello World” – Your First FEMAP API  
•    The FEMAP Application Object

Workshop III:  FEMAP Custom Tools
•    Modifying View Settings

Session 2: Geometry Modification
•    Workshop IV:  Hole Creator    
•    Standard Dialog Boxes    
•    Workshop V:  Move Solids And Mesh    
•    Set Objects    

Session 3: Materials And Properties
•    Workshop VI:  Mass Element Generator
•    Accessing Property Properties    
•    Workshop VII:  Orthotropic Material Update
•    Accessing Material Properties

Session 4: Meshing
•    Workshop VIII:  Creating FEMAP Entities from Excel    
•    Connecting to FEMAP from Excel    
•    Workshop IX:  Hole-To-Hole Fastener    
•    Element Entity Object   

Session 5: Boundary Conditions
•    Workshop X:  Loads Application Spreadsheet    
•    Loadset And Loadmesh Entity Objects    
•    Workshop XI:  Symmetry Constraint Application    
•    Entity Selection Methods   

Session 6: Post Processing
•    Workshop XII:  Beam Output / Rbo    
•    Connecting to Excel from FEMAP    
•    Workshop XIII:  FBD Generator