What’s New in NX for Manufacturing

July 16, 2019

Powerful new enhancements are now available in the latest release of NX for manufacturing, our comprehensive solution for CAD, CAM, CMM, robotics and additive manufacturing.

The new capabilities will help you be more productive, including:

  • Create multi-step drilling tools automatically
  • Leverage barrel tools for more efficient machining
  • Regenerate 5-axis toolpaths almost instantaneously
  • Validate robotic operation with G-code-driven simulation
  • Multiple in-process workpiece (IPW) sources
  • Print CSYS
  • 2D Nesting

Another cool new feature involves adaptive milling, a high-speed machining method in NX CAM software that can reduce roughing machining time by up to 60 percent. In the latest version, NX provides a new function to generate tool paths with smooth engage and retract moves. Additionally, you can smoothen the transfer moves improving the overall machine performance. These new controls can help you further reduce machining time, minimize machine wear and extend tool life.


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