Achieve with Kaleidoscope—our Teamcenter toolkit.

Kaleidoscope (KTT) is a custom toolkit containing numerous workflow handlers built to extend your workflows to meet your goals.

Improve your workflows and automate tasks with KTT.

In the past, we had to create complex workflows that leverage hard-to-manage systems to work around the lack of a single handler. This can take weeks to develop—with no guarantee that the desired functionality will be possible. That’s why we created Kaleidoscope, a custom toolkit for Teamcenter.

Improve workflows by automating your tasks.

  • 01 Validate property against values.

    Easily validate whether a property value matches or does not match a specific value.

  • 02 Validate unique properties.

    Validate one or more revision properties that are unique in your system. Handlers currently are Attach Related Objects, BVR Validate & Stamp, BVR Resequence, Unique Property Validation, Validate Revision Properties, Validate BVR and Validate Mass Field.

  • 03 BOM Validation

    Validate a BVR that contains children items or revision objects and is not just empty.

  • 04 BOM Status Validation

    Validate the BVR children based on the specified revision rule.

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