Quickly migrate legacy data to Teamcenter.

Migration to Teamcenter (M2TC) was built by the experts at Applied CAx to help companies easily migrate legacy data to Teamcenter—in less time.

Take full advantage of Teamcenter by migrating your legacy data.

A typical migration takes 6 to 12 months, depending on the amount of legacy data, various sources it's coming from, various silos of data and the consistency and integrity of that data. Instead of writing and creating custom scripts for each migration, we developed a proprietary process that’s faster and easier.

Speed up the data migration process into Teamcenter.

  • 01 Extract your data from multiple sources.

    Data can come from multiple locations and sources, and taken from different PDM systems and network locations.

  • 02 Extract data in significantly less time.

    M2TC extracts data from a source system, like a previous Teamcenter installation. This extraction process reduces the amount of time required compared to traditional extraction techniques.

  • 03 Streamline metadata transformation.

    M2TC is not just leveraged for extraction—it’s also used for data transformation. During most migrations, there are transformation requirements that must happen to the source metadata before it can be uploaded into the target system. M2TC makes this process easier and more streamlined.

Faster data migrations equal bigger impact.

3 months
Average migration time vs. one year
Support team
dedicated to guiding your journey
by experts with a hands-on approach

Client success is our success.

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