What’s New in NX 12.0.2

July 17, 2018

Our CAD guru dug into the latest dot-release for NX, and compiled this handy list of highlights & notable features.

Next week he’ll be headed to Siemens in Californa for NX-1847 release Beta Testing. This next version of NX should see interesting changes as Siemens moves to NX Continous Release. This method could see straight forward updates, not separate installations, with for example two major upgrades per year and monthly updates, much like Windows. NX Continuous Release should reduce efforts to deploy NX and give customers faster access to enhancements & improvements.

NX 12.0.2 Highlights & Notable Features:

  • Fundamentals: NX Virtual Reality. NX Virtual Reality (VR) is an integrated tool that you can open with a single option click to experience your model in a 3D environment using VR gear, and perform live analysis and immersive design review in a simulated virtual session.
  • Fundamentals: VR Fly-through
  • Fundamentals: New Measure tool
  • Sketching: Sketch section view. In the Sketch task environment, you can view a section view of your part to better visualize the interior details and dimensions while sketching. The section plane is automatically set to the sketch plane. You can also view a slice of your section view or automatically reverse the section view when you rotate your model.
  • Convergent Modeling: Facet Region selection enhancements. Primitive Facets, Tangent Facets, Within Curves,
  • Convergent Modeling: Smooth Facet Body enhancements.
  • Assemblies: Assembly Load Option enhancements, Minimally loading components stored in Tc.
  • Assemblies: Reflecting Components: When you want both left-hand and right-hand versions of a component, you can add the component to the assembly and then reflect the component to create the other version. The reflected component is a new instance of the original component; a new part file is not created. You can also reflect subassemblies or multiple components.
  • Assemblies: Mirror Assembly enhancements: When you mirror an assembly, you can now mirror the assembly’s absolute origin as well. Previously, a mirrored assembly used the same absolute origin as the source assembly.
  • Assemblies: Sorting Assembly Navigator by data type: When you sort the data in the Assembly Navigator by clicking the Report Property column, NX now orders the data based on their data type, such as alphanumeric order for strings, numeric order for numbers, or date order for dates.
  • Animation Designer: Joint enhancements: Screw Joint, Planar Joint have been added.
  • Animation Designer: Converting objects for use in Motion and Mechatronics Concept Designer
  • Animation Designer: PLMXML Integration Commands. Use the Import PLMXML and Export PLMXML commands to import and export information about geometry to a JT file and information about rigid groups and joints to a PLMXML file. When you export from native NX, you can specify the JT configuration for the accompanying JT files. You can use the PLMXML file in downstream applications, such as Line Designer and Process Simulate.
  • Drafting: Support for minimally loaded components (Tc)
  • Drafting: Dual Dimension hole callouts
  • Drafting: Balloon Shape enhancements: Change the existing shape of a balloon e.g. change from a hexagon to a square.
  • PMI: Support for Minimally Loaded Components.
  • PMI: Dual Dimension hole callouts
  • Sheet Metal: Edge Rip enhancements: Can now rip Linear, Non-Linear, Tangential, Non-Tangential & Intersecting.
  • Sheet Metal: Jog Enhancements: You can now create a jog at any angle between 0 and 180° using a single profile that is linear or oblique.
  • Sheet Metal: Sheet Metal from Solid enhancements:
  • Sheet Metal: Bridge Bend enhancements: You can now join sheet metal bodies through the linear edges of chained advanced flanges and chained contour flanges.
  • Sheet Metal: Flange enhancements: Define flange based on DIN6935 standard.
  • Sheet Metal: Check-Mate checkers for Sheet Metal cutouts: Check Cutout Shape and Check Cutout Size.

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