Machine 10X faster using NX multi-axis tool paths – NX CAM tutorial video

September 28, 2016

Siemens NX Multi Axis toolpaths can enable you to machine parts 10X faster. This webinar can primarily help job shops with prototype runs and various part types.


This online seminar was held on:
Thursday, Sept. 29th, 2016

  • Greatly reduce the need for specialized cutters and long toolpaths with small stepdowns for drafted walls.
  • Use Feature-Based Machining (FBM) to scan parts for off-axis holes and quickly create a single operation that can do all holes of the same size. As an example, we often use this to scan 300 + 0.018” holes on vacuum molds. Almost all of the holes are at different tool vectors yet we are able to do this inside of one operation with collision checking. This has reduced our programming time by more than 10X compared to creating a CSYS for each hole and separate operations for each hole. We aren’t having to select the holes or create any tool vectors. It is all beautifully automatic.
  • Contour Profile Operation is another powerful yet simple multi-axis toolpath that allows for quick programming of swarfed or drafted walls. This can be used in situations where in a 3-axis operation you would have to do 0.002” -0.006” stepdowns in order to get a good finish, or even worse you would need to order a specialty drafted cutter.With contour profile the tool will be angled such that the side of the cutter will have full contact with the wall. The result is that you can use very few stepdowns (if any) to quickly cut a wall and leave a great surface finish. This operation can also be used to cut chamfers with the side of the cutter so that any endmill or ball mill with sufficient flute length can be used to quickly cut the chamfer. The need for special profiles and tool change outs on the machine will be greatly reduced.
  • Very easily program 3+2 machining.


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