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FEMAP 2020.1 – New Features and Fixes

November 26, 2019

FEMAP v2020.1 has been released and is available as a full install. If using a version released prior to FEMAP 2019.1, please download the full installation of FEMAP 2020.1 MP1. Download and installation of FEMAP 2020.1 is not required to install 2020.1 MP1.


FEMAP v2020.1 is the latest user-focused release of FEMAP containing many features and enhancements requested by our users worldwide, along with important fixes for known issues.


The first update many users will notice is that all icons throughout the application have been modernized with the result being a more contemporary look and feel. Another item of note is that all Palette buttons have been replaced with a color block showing the current color, along with an indication of the line style, for the entity.

The latest version also introduces support for Monitor Points and Direct Matrix Inputs (DMIGs) for the Simcenter Nastran and MSC Nastran solvers, which are part of the new Simulation Entities subset of entities. Additional support for the Multi-Step Structural (SOL 401) and Multi-Step Nonlinear Kinematic (SOL 402) solution sequences in Simcenter Nastran is also now offered.

A unified architecture for the display of labels in the graphics window has been implemented to offer greater consistency across Performance Graphics and Legacy OpenGL Graphics. In addition, control of the format used for the display of digits for Load Vectors, non-zero Constraints, and several items which appear when viewing results has been enhanced to offer more flexibility.

Feature Editing via the Meshing Toolbox now offers a Smart Select option, along with 5 additional sub-options, which are used to automatically select additional geometric entities for more robust geometry manipulation. Also, an alignment option has been added to the Washer operation of the Geometry Editing tool to align the split lines of the washer pattern to a user-defined vector, tangent to a curve, or perpendicular to a curve.

FEMAP 2020.1 contains numerous new features and several important bug fixes. To find the release package, click here. Note: A valid WebKey account is required.

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