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FEMAP v11.3.2 features

September 20, 2016

The FEMAP development team has been doing some amazing work lately and we would like to share it with you in this seminar focused on FEMAP v11.3.2. Hopefully it’ll provide some start-to-finish analysis work flows while covering a variety of new FEMAP features.


We presented this online seminar on Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016


Some of our favorites include the Draw/Erase toolbar, improved surface meshing options and new post processing options like “Contour Arrows.” This is an all-level technical seminar from which we hope new and advanced users will be able to take away something useful.


During this online presentation, we discuss and explore the following:

  • Draw/Erase Toolbar
    • Easily hide or show geometry or mesh
  • Property Types
    • New Icons for Each Property Type
    • Property Drop Downs only show compatible property types
  • Face Picking
    • It is now much easier to pick element faces for pressure loading or contact regions
  • Beam Modeling
    • The beam property manager is updated with more cross-section information
    • Property icons show beam cross section
  • View Controls
    • Rotate and zoom around cursor location (vs view center or screen center)
    • “Roll Thru” lets you move inside your structures and look around from the inside
  • Meshing
    • “Max quads” can completely eliminate triangular elements with minimal adjustment in mesh size
    • Element splitting tool make for easy local mesh refinement
  • Post Processing
    • Updated FBD toolbox is better organized with more support for glue and contact
    • “Contour arrows” are new, improved versions of “contour vectors”
    • “Contour arrows” allows the user to show axial and combined shear as 3D vectors
  • Connections editor
    • Easily manage multiple connections using the data table

FEMAP v11.3.2 features

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