Simcenter Femap & Nastran

What’s New in FEMAP v12 – Speed Improvements, New Features, Tips & Tricks

July 23, 2018

FEMAP v12 was released on Oct. 4, 2018 and we’ve been honored to be involved in beta-testing. We’re seeing great speed improvement results and many feature improvements that we’re sharing with you in this online seminar.


This online seminar was held on Thurs, Sept. 6th, 2018


Items discussed include:

  • Graphics, visualization and user interface
    • Best possible graphics
    • Silhouette lines
    • Interactive screen entities
  • Geometry Prep
    • Beam centerline finder
    • Faster feature removal
  • Meshing
    • Washer and pad
    • Mesh point editor
  • Model Management
    • Updated copy/rotate/reflect commands
    • Merging models
  • Post Processing
    • Plane element thickness
    • Dynamic criteria
    • Report generator

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